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Popular window styles for modern homes

Having windows that best suit the design of your house is among the great ways of enhancing beauty in your home. This article sheds some light on the different types and styles of windows you can have to make your house look attractive.

Awning windows

Ideally, you are likely to note this type of a window either at the SdsdaWFAWdawbottom or the top of the main door. This kind of window is mostly common in schools and manufacturing units as it allows for additional ventilation while opened outwards. To operate these windows is not hard. To open the window, you just twist it using a hand crank.

Double-hung windows

Double -hung windows are an old type of window. Mostly, you will find them installed in places that are easy to reach. This window has two panels. While opening, you can either raise or lower the window. Also, you can open the two windows obliquely. Double- hung windows have a center partitioning that is capable of obstructing the view of images that lay outside the window.

Bay and bow windows

You need to create more space in your rooms. Then having bay and bow windows will help you achieve this comfortably. These windows are fixed in such a way that they protrude to the outside. Consequently, this creates more space in the interior parts of your rooms.

Single-hung windows

Most often than not, you will find this type of windows placed in kitchens. These windows have two panels but you cannot open them simultaneously. You only open one at a go. While opening this type of window you can only open them upwards.

Fixed windows

aqasddsAQSDThese types of windows do not open. They are good in instances where you would wish to have more light to penetrate in rooms. More to this, with these type of windows you are in a position to take an unobstructed view at a glance. Another interesting thing about these windows is that you can design or shape them to meet your specifications.

Special shape windows

Windows designed in a particular shape such as circular, rectangular or pentagonal are referred to as special shape windows. These windows usually convey some information relating to the interior of the house. More to this, they can also be used to channel light in a special way.